Overview of Consulting Services

I offer consulting services to colleges, universities, non-profits, and companies, organizations, and institutions of all sizes.  Some of my services are described briefly in this web page.

Reach out to me for your educational needs, especially if you are looking for someone to design and lead a professional development program, give motivational speeches or presentations, lead the evaluation process for a program or grant, write grant and accreditation reports, lead student, employee, or leadership workshops, or plan new ways to meet the needs of students, employees, and community members.

I would be happy to brainstorm ideas and discuss potential services or projects with you for free in person,  over the phone or via video chat.

Academic and Student Success Programming

Analysis of current challenges affecting student success within specific areas of the institution, development and implementation of student success strategies, and post-implementation evaluation for continuous improvement.

Professional Development

Development, implementation, and assessment of professional development programs for students, faculty, support staff, and administrators.

Strategic Planning

Assistance with 3-5 year strategic plans, including engagement of stakeholders in the planning process, articulation of the strategic plan, documentation of progress, and overall evaluation.

Strategic Enrollment Management

Review of current enrollment practices and trends, development of strategic enrollment strategies and accountability practices, and evaluation of all aspects of student enrollment with improvement strategies.

Learning Outcomes Assessment

Assistance with learning outcomes statements, assessments, review of results, and use of results at any level of step in the process.


Assistance with self-study and accreditation processes, including oversight of the process, collection of data, and writing and/or revising of the self-study, including regional accreditation (e.g., SACS:  Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) and related projects (e.g., QEP:  Quality Enhancement Plan).

Program and Grant Evaluation

Thorough evaluation of specific programs or grant activities as well as an improvement plan for internal continuous improvement and/or for external entities, including funding agencies.


Development and implementation of quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods research studies to help you answer critical questions within your organization.