JBS (Jacqueline Business Services):  One Team with One Dream

Organizations that lack strong teams suffer from issues that result in thousands of dollars of lost revenue each year.  This Leadership Spotlight Series article focuses on how a small company's one team, one dream approach has led to a strong team with very little employee turnover and steady growth for over a decade.

Difficult Roads Lead to Beautiful Destinations

Are You Struggling to Stay on Track with Your 2020 Goals?

The road to success is difficult, but you can reach your destination!  Here are a few tips to help you stay on track with your 2020 goals.

Create Meaningful 2020 Goals

Using a Reflection Process to Create Meaningful 2020 Goals

Welcome to the new year!  Are you ready for 2020?  Before you write your 2020 goals, complete a reflection process that highlights growth areas and leads to more meaningful goals.

How Do You Use Your 168?

How are you using your 168 hours each week? If you have struggled with time management, meeting goals, or using your time as efficiently as possible, try out the steps in this article.

Five Leadership Lessons Adapted from My Trip to Kauai

What could I possibly learn about leadership from a hiking trip in Kauai?  Read this article to learn more about these five leadership lessons and how to apply them in your workplace regardless of the type or size of your organization or institution.

Helping Students Fulfill Their Educational Commitments and Cross the Finish Line

How do you help your students not just commit to a goal but show up to do the work and succeed all the way to the finish line?  This article explores how we can help our students show up to do the work necessary for them to fulfill their commitments and cross the finish line.

Working from Home?  Here Are 11 Tips To Help You Stay on Track!

Are you currently working from home or considering this option? Here are some quick tips that I learned the hard way (i.e., through trial and error) that could help you meet your professional goals.

Favorite Productivity Apps

What are your favorite productivity apps?  Learn about my current top 3 productivity apps and share your favorite ones with the rest of the community.